Gems & Kisses presents: GK ROYAL MISS 2012 (SEASON I)

Gems & Kisses presents: GK ROYAL MISS 2012 (SEASON I)
sponsored by Avenue Magazine

INTRODUCTION **********************************************************

Do you have what it takes to be the face of GK?  Can you style yourself in a variety of ways to represent the full spectrum of what the GK brand stands for: Everything from Cute and Glamorous to Bold and Edgy.

The creations of Deliziosa Vendetta covers them all and if you think you have the talent to represent us then come and show us, if you dare, and maybe you can be the next face of GK!!!  This contest runs every 3 months and GK will shower the winner with promotions and prizes.

The Gems & Kisses Management is pleased to announce that Amita Yorcliffe has gracefully accepted the duties as GK ROYAL MISS 2011 to finish the remainder of the year.  Amita assumes the position due to personal RL events that have forced Christian Claridge take a long absence from SL.  We wish the best for Christian and sincerely thank her for the time she spent as our GK ROYAL MISS 2011.

At the same time we are excited to have the first runner up, Amita, join us for the remainder of the year as the new face of GK.  She will have some exciting responsibilities as we are also announcing the new GK ROYAL MISS 2012 contest.  This contest will be a little different from prior years and I think the changes will be well received.

Please congratulate and welcome Amita to her new position and prepare yourselves for the GK ROYAL MISS 2012 contest to begin October 6!!!

We are looking for…

1.  A fresh and youthful face with an athletic and proportional shape, not too tall, not too curvy.
2.  A pleasant and modern attitude but with an independent mind. The winner needs to choose what she likes without being influenced by what’s popular in the moment and she needs to recognize the quality of an item and not simply by the popularity of a designer.
3.  Likeable, friendly and easy to work with and with good communication, social skills, time and ability to organize events for the shop. We also appreciate the ability to use blogs and social networks.

IMPORTANT EVENT DATES AND INFOS **********************************************************

• Submission Deadline: 25 NOVEMBER 2011
• Announcement of the 12 Finalists: 28 NOVEMBER 2011
• Submission of the stylecard notecard for the finale: 6 DECEMBER 2011.
• Rehearsal for the Royal Finale: 7-8 DECEMBER 2011 | 2-3 PM SLT (NOBILITY SIM – 2 DAYS OF REHEARSAL)
• Royal Finale: 9 DECEMBER 2011 | 2-4 PM SLT (NOBILITY SIM)

# Remember to submit all materials to Franco Bloch AND Logan Keneinan.
# You MUST buy the products between October 06, 2011 and November 25, 2011.  Please include the transaction number as proof of your purchase in your stylecard notecard. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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AVENUE Magazine October 2011

AVENUE Magazine October 2011

With our Anniversary this month AVENUE is proud to announce it’s upcoming fashion events for the 4th year of AVENUE Models and this 3rd Anniversary issue of the magazine. What more could we ask for then Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch, who graces our cover and gives a provocative interview.

Also in this issue, Fashion Icon Fhara Ricielli, Featured Designer Sanya Bilavio, Guest Stylist Jax Aster, DJ of the Month Aryon Dagger and Featured Artist Bobby Yoshikawa.

Read it online: