A BeStyle Fashion Style…Over the last years BeStyle has often published issues themed around the question of what, and who the SL woman is.
This month the SL lady will have the face of the amaziing SYS’ s

Brand, so particolar sexy and unique like no other brand in Second Life…..

This issue will make you discover a so glamorous collection as exceptional as fashionable that every top model wants wear….

Thank you for make us dream in a different way SYS’s family!

The modern SL woman remains wonderfully inscrutable- a composite of many virtues and idiosyncrasies.

Is her Secondlifenesss found in her maner? Her attitude? Can we discern her character through her style, her wit, her history, her creativity?

The answer is an emphatic yes –it s in all those things, and much, much more. For, as the following pages attest, today’s

Secondlife woman is utterly UNIQUE.



SOLO EVANE “Rock Show”

Rock Show: October 19th 1.00 pm

 Solo Evane Model Agency

The ROCK SHOW!!!!!

Brought you by: Baiastice, Diram, Gizza, SyS, Ydea

Sponsor: Mandala Jewels and Tukinowaguma hair

Model on stage interprete the most famous music icons s: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bon Jovi, Patty Smith, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks and many more!


Annie Zorric

Chirzaka Vlodovic

Draakje Dailey

Ellendir Khandr

Locuala Madruga

Tyra Eiren

Malek Sahara

Manu Reggiane

 Static models:

Tiny Ardmunsen

World Undercroft

Steele Sirnah

Show director: Ellendir Khandr

Catwalk director: Giuls Scarpulla

Dj: Icesoul Valeska

Builder: Alicedimax taurog

Thanks to Alii Vella for the adv texture and for the photos !!!

Guest star: Mr. Frolic Mills

 Show concept and script: Mimmi Boa

Host: Mimmi Boa