MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Official Candidates 2012



1.   Giuls Scarpulla MISS ARGENTINA
2.   rissa Friller MISS AUSTRALIA
3.   Sylphia Constantine MISS BELGIUM
4.   Caroline Mosely MISS BRAZIL
5.   Sazzy Oh MISS CANADA
6.   Nala Kurka MISS ESTONIA
7.   Lauren Mureaux MISS FRANCE
8.   Falbala Fairey MISS GERMANY
9.   Calypso Oliphaunt MISS GREECE
10.  Mariella Spitteler MISS HAITI
11.  Aphrodite Brianna MISS ICELAND
12.  Saleena Hax MISS IRELAND
13.  Anna Sapphire MISS ITALY
14.  Tyako Coage MISS JAPAN
15.  skylei Caproni MISS MEXICO
16.  Vivienne Darcy MISS MONACO
17.  Ezmeralda Silversmith MISS MOROCCO
18.  Draakje Dailey MISS NETHERLANDS
20.  Mely Gibbs MISS PANAMA
21.  Dagda Burner MISS PHILIPPINES
22.  Rusalka Callisto MISS RUSSIA
23.  Carley Benazzi MISS SOUTH AFRICA
24.  Caoimhe Lionheart MISS SOUTH KOREA
25.  Shena Neox MISS SPAIN
26.  Halllie Larsson MISS SWITZERLAND
28.  Xandrah Sciavo MISS TURKEY
29.  Paulinha Lefevre MISS UNITED KINGDOM
30.  Michela Benazzi MISS UNITED STATES
31.  AnnaG Pfeffer MISS VENEZUELA
32. Laetitia Vella MISS COSTA RICA

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