Purple Passion for a Cure Charity Fashion Show – Oct. 22

Purple Passion for a Cure Charity Fashion Show – Oct. 22

The wonderful Grizel Halberstadt is currently working on our fabulous official show poster, but I wanted to put this up to get the promotional ball rolling.

OCTOBER 22nd at 12PM SLT
PATCH THIBAUD AUDITORIUM (courtesy of Mr. Frolic Mills)

The Purple Passion for a Cure charity fashion show is designed to raise awareness of the fight against pancreatic cancer. October is technically breast cancer awareness month, but I hope folks won’t mind the timing. My dear sister died of this terrible disease three months ago, leaving behind a husband and three little boys. I have put together this show honor of her beautiful life and her struggle against this terrible disease that claims so many lives far too young.

Sponsored by PurpleMoon and Angel Dessous, the show will feature 20 top SL models wearing purple creations from over 16 amazing SL designers, including: Angel Dessous, COCO, Bliss Couture, DIRAM, Entre Mares, GizzA, Morea Style, My Precious by Agnes Finney, Designing Nicky Ree, PurpleMoon, Rebel Hope, RFyre Gothic Couture, Son!a Luxury Fashion, [sYs] Design and Utopia (more to come)

Show Director: Ellendir Khandr of SOLO E V A N E
MC: Calista Ella
Script Writer: Rusalka Callisto
DJ: Erasmus Weatherwax

MODELS: Anna Sapphire, Barney Helendale, Catlyn Sahara, Falbala Fairey-Blackburn, Grizel Halberstadt, Hela Azalee, Laetitia Vella, Lua Vendetta, Malek Sahara, Michela Benazzi, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Pily Whitesong, Rex Requiem, Rissa Friller, SD Damiano, Skylei Caproni, Tadeu Gartner, Taylor Wassep, Trinity Graves, Xandrah Sciavo (and Anabella Ravinelli, Dasia Mocha & Enelya Swansong as hostess models)

DAZZLERS, INC. has kindly donated an opening dance number for the show. The models in the show are donating their time in exchange for honor donations to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, a very highly respected charity for research into a cure for the disease. All funds raised in association with the event will also be donated to The Lustgarten Foundation and a receipt for the donations posted online.

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