Edi & Rico’s Wedding in BOSL Magazine: October 2011 Issue

Please pick up a copy of BOSL Magazine October 2011 Issue In-World to Read More. Izzuu Coming Soon.

A million Thank Yous to BOSL Magazine, Frolic Mills, Persia Bravin and BOSL Staff for this truly heart-warming honor, being featured in the BOSL Society pages of this months BOSL Magazine. Edi and I are extremely grateful. ❤ Thank you so much to Sonicity Fitzroy for writing this awesome article.

We want to thank our friends and family again for making this wedding a very special occasion for us. We are so glad you are all part of our special day, and it means a lot to both of us truly. Thank you to everyone for their love, support, and well wishes. It is very much appreciated.

Once again, Our deepest gratitude….

The Entertainers
Frolic Mills, Kimmera Madison, Topaz Joubert, Persia Bravin, Enzo Champagne, Amutey Decuir, Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen, Carilyn Ohare, Matteo Bettencourt, Yula Finesmith, Didier Rascon, Angelik Lavecchia, Kay Fairey, Talyia Tarber, Maddox Kaestner, Arisia Ashmoot, LoveliMiwako7399 Menna, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane, Takeshi Kiama, BlackBarbie Bravin, Falbala Fairey, Varedobiker Blackburn, Saleena Hax, Locked Semaphore, Jade Spectre, Rissa Friller, Veronica Krasner, Mikey Batriani, Todd Anton, Darling Tomorrow, Zachary Zufreur, Linnda Scofield, Ponchituti Boucher, Tyler Barineaux, Anna Sapphire, Daniele Eberhardt, Lali Arbizu and Caoimhe Lionheart.

The Set Maker
Zandy Oh

The Event Photographer
Tillie Ariantho

CC Teardrop

MeiMei Shiu

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


New Release: Champagne! Sparkling Fashion: OVER in Gold

OVER in Gold

Ladies, you will literally be over the top with excitement when you wear OVER – CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s new fun, flirty, and fabulous release!

Made for the woman who is powerful, driven, and yet very aware of her feminine charms, OVER will have you riding the streets on your Harley like a Diva, and take you on to a night of clubbing with ease.

A black body suit is the foundation for OVER with a large black strap/belt surrounding the top of the bodice with a prominent, square buckle closure. Attached to the belting are strands of glistening sparkle which hang down and sway with your every movement.

The highly detailed collar piece that fits over your head and rests on your shoulders is made of black feathering, with interwoven strands of brightly colored ribbon.

OVER comes in your choice of Black, Red, Gold, or Lilac. This dynamic outfit is sexy and provocative, with a dash of flash thrown into the mix (very Beyonce)!

OVER is a must-have addition for your wardrobe. You can style this one with your favorite leggings or tights for a completely different look, or take pieces from OVER and add them to other outfits you have to create a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Beautiful photos by Kyrian Lefavre