Champagne! Sparkling Fashion New Release: FEVER

The timeless Peggy Lee classic “You Give Me Fever” is the perfect background for the release of CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s FEVER for our Ladies!

FEVER is for all of you femme fatales – women who are powerful, aggressive, yet seductive.  In your choice of Blue, Red, or Gold, this outfit will indeed keep you dancing all through the night!

FEVER’s form-fitting bodice hugs your figure with a bright and bold texture that is flattering and sexy.  Contrasting colors of sparkling strands in various lengths are attached at the waist with a uniquely styled belt made of hook-like clasps with a mirror-shine texture that curve downward.  A dramatically stunning neckpiece matches the belt, with the pieces curving upward in the front, and fitting over your shoulders, framing your face.

Model Devine Hunt is featured in our vendor ads for this fabulous outfit!  Add your favorite shoes and jewelry accessories for a really fun look that will tease and please!

Ladies!  Don’t delay!  Runnnnnn to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion now for FEVER!

Enzo Champagne for a glittering life!
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