~ Passion Fashion Agency “Beneath the Eiffeltower” ~

Passion Fashion Agency

“Beneath the Eiffeltower”

Passion Fashion Agency presents:

“Beneath the Eiffeltower”

~ Angel Dessous & Tukinowaguma ~


Friday, 30th September 2011, 12.00 pm SLT


Angel Dessous and Tukinowaguma, what a great mix for a Fashion Event!

Both famous brands are showing their newest designs in a Fashion Show under the Eiffeltower. Don’t miss the latest fashion and hair trends and join us for a journey to Paris where beautiful Passion Models are showcasing stunning creations.

The event begins at 12.00 noon SLT with a life concert of Mr. AM Quar. Get your seat early and enjoy one of the best voices in SL with rocking tunes.


* Queenbrat Bracken
* Lulu Breuer
* Veracity Afterthought
* Rusalka Callisto
* Veronica Krasner
* Federica Galtier
* Caoimhe Lionheart
* Anabella Ravinelli
* don’t miss our surprise model, Mr. Harsh Sharktooth 😉

Chat host with Edi Clarity: Catlyn Sahara
Stage by: Zandy Oh
Script writer: Darkevilone Demonia & Deangelo Urqhart
Show photographer: Anabella Ravinelli
Producer: Leandra Breen
Flyer pic by Annough Lykin

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