BeStyle District Agency Presents Vero Modero Show

BeStyle District Agency .Presents- Vero Modero

Saturday, September 24th at 12:00pm SLT

Join us on Saturday, September 24th at 12:00pm SLT to see the new and exciting designs of Bouquet Babii the creative force being the VeroModero brand.

The fashion show is organised by Federica Galtier, BeStyle District Agency Fashion Director.

Script Writing and Hosting by KarenMichelle Lane

Tillie Ariantho will be the official phorographer of the show.

Aleida Rhode, Elyna Carver, Gamp Lane, Katime Vacano, Leah McCullough, Nemi McCoy, Clyde Saunders, Hikaru Enimo and Mikey Batriani will present on our urban Runway the newest designs from Vero Modero.

These hip and chic styles will have you running to update your fall wardrobe.


Hopeful to see you there,

Agtaope Carter & Tesan Lane – BeStyle District Agency CEO

Federica Galtier – BeStyle District Agency Fashion Director

Invitation Poster Credit: Irina Strazytski

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