NEW RELEASE: Champagne! Sparkling Fashion: RAVAGE Blue


MODEL: Liam Netizen

PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne

The Autumn winds have swept in and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is excited to release RAVAGE, new for all you hot-blooded men eager to make your mark on Fall Fashion at its finest!

In bright colors of ruby red, glistening gold, and royal blue, RAVAGE begins with a supple leather jacket, adorned with gold spikes on the collar, lapels, and shoulders, and also with pockets on the sides. The jacket is open, revealing a contrasting V-neck black shirt and a gold scarf knotted at the throat.

Fabulous black jeans are crafted from premium quality fabric and offer you superior comfort and fit. A leather belt with gold buckle matches the color of the jacket.

Whether worn with shoes or boots, RAVAGE will seduce and entice with a cool attitude to match the changing season. Yet make no mistake, gentlemen, your cool attitude will have all of the ladies fanning themselves!

Head to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Fashion today and celebrate Fashion Forward Fall with the release of RAVAGE!

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