Divine Muse

Divine Muse

The contest “Divine Muse” opens today and will elect their entries to the female avatar is the image of Diva Store for the year 2012.

The winner will be featured on posters in store Diva Store disclosure of the main shapes of the store and the image of the store’s signs throughout the year. In addition, to compose pictures, the “Divine Muse” will still receive the complete outfit, including skin, shape, clothing, footwear, accessories and hair.

The publications are monthly release of store, which assumes an average premium of 60.000 lindens at end of 12 months representing about Diva Store, it also featured in advertising media which are composed of ads in magazines Supermodel Inc., BOSL ; sites, blogs and ad inworld.

It’s an awards show and a real “up” career as a model.

To participate the candidates must take a picture using a whole body of shapes of eligible Diva Store.

Pic can be edited, since it does not change the avatar image.

The images will be deposited in mailbox of terminals contest located on Diva Store e Absolut Model Agency.

The first step will be done by selecting best pics. These girls will perform in a live hearing where the finalists will come out.

Take notecard with all information in terminals of the contest!

Good luck!

FOR MORE INFO: http://blog.divastore.com.br/

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