NEW REALEASE: Champagne! Sparkling Fashions. PORTUGAL de CAMOES


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion proudly presents PORTUGAL de CAMOES, an extravagant, regal tribute to Luís Vaz de Camões, renowned sixteenth century Portuguese poet and considered a major figure in English literature.

PORTUGAL de CAMOES is truly stunning to behold. The white shirt has full sleeves that are detailed with metallic gold trimmings, a high lace collar, and is complimented by an ornately golden textured vest. A majestic richly colored red cape sits atop the left shoulder, draping across the front and covering the back, with ruby jeweled detailing. It is affixed to the shoulder with an additional metallic gold accessory. And the gold does not stop there! Gold armor lies atop the left shoulder and a handsome gold cuff surrounds the left wrist.

The gold pants are covered with intricate pieces of gold armor, a solid gold belt, and matching gold shoes, all detailed with ruby gems, each gem outlined in green piping, with additional green piping on the shoes. The gold, green, and red colors of the entire outfit are symbolic of the colors of the Portuguese flag.

Staying true to the life and legacy of Luís Vaz de Camões, who lost his eye in battle, an eye-patch with the Portuguese flag is provided (an additional red patch, without the flag texture, is included). And befitting the illustrious warrior and beloved hero that he was, a golden crown of leaves sits atop the head.

PORTUGAL de CAMOES is iconic and yet maintains a very fresh and contemporary look. Gentlemen, you will love this amazing and stunningly detailed, richly woven and uniquely created tribute to the beautiful country of Portugal!

MODEL:Mister VW PORTUGAL Matteo Bettencourt


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