AtomicBambi, Swansong and EVOKE rebrand to VERVE


Thanks to all our competition entrants – it’s been difficult deciding from among all amazing suggestions!  Thanks 🙂

Congratulations to Hybie Mynx for suggesting our winning brand name VERVE.

“Verve can mean gusto, passion , vitality, sparkle and energy. Verve is a simple word with a lot of meaning behind it. It’s a perfect word to describe three forces coming together as one”.   ~ Hybie Mynx

Also congratulations to our runners up who will have products named after their suggestions:

RUNNER UP:  MaHyeRi Resident, suggested Akiko:  “Akiko is japanese name , means Iris; light and bright. as the brand it self very famouse this name had this music that you wont forget ” aKiKo ” , unique , Fashionable”

RUNNER UP:  ViiiBRANT Magic, suggested Elan:  “Elan Prounounced as ey-lahn or ay-lahn is a word with a french origin. While searching for a name that would represent everyone under this brand I searched sparkle. Reading the synonyms of “sparkle” this word was the ONLY word that spoke to me. The meaning is right on spot and there’s a originality factor”.

VERVE will replace AtomicBambi, SwanSong and EVOKE in August.

Thanks again,
AtomicSparkle Skytower


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