MEET MVW 2011 Mr. MEXICO: Josh Askari


Hair: [NSD] Killian Hair/Noir
Earrings: Culture Silver Hoop Earrings?
Swimsuit: VitaMen Side Ring Bikini Iron-Blue?

It means a great deal for me to be involved with the Mr Virtual World contest. I feel deeply honored to be competing against some of the finest models in the SL male fashion industry. To be a part of this world within a world, it means more than just fancy titles and knowing how to look good. It means that beyond the selfish indulgence in materialistic gain that some embrace, there exists a creative space where one can express the true vision of their inner being. Visually I can show others my soul, and indeed my very essence by how I choose to present myself in fashion and in public. I desire so very deeply to lead people beyond the physical and tangible, beyond the surface of what simply is, to hopefully help them and myself to discover what we all have in common; to find the essence of our existence that binds us as a community and as a people. To be involved with Mister Virtual World means that I am being given a chance to explore not only my capabilities as a model but also is a challenge to my effectiveness in communication of the self. Proudly, I can say that given such a task my full effort.

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