MEET MVW 2011: Mr. USA: Jax Aster

MR. USA 2011: Jax Aster


Vest: AOHARU_WovenVest_Beige
Shirt: AOHARU_PleatWovenShirt_Beige
Pants: ZC : Chinos *khaki*
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Elegance
Belt: Kalnins Belt – Elegance
Bracelets: Mandala – JYUZU SINRA bracelet/men/VINTAGE GOLD
Hat: *ARGRACE* Hunting – Natural Wavy – Blonde

I joined SL 11/10.2006, and I have had the chance to experience many of second life’s opportunities.  I began this journey simply by hanging out with friends and discovering many of the creative sims and creations that SL has to offer.  Second Life has offered me the opportunity to explore my creative side as well.

I began modeling in August 2009 and quickly began to accumulate clothes and accessories from various designers.  Being a fashion addict in real life has afforded me the opportunity to expand my interests even further in SL. I enjoy piecing together the many pieces of clothing from many different designers and seeing what combinations arise.  Throughout my modeling career in SL, I have been gotten to know many amazing people and look forward to the future.

I joined this year’s competition with a group of friends and have gained many more in the process.  It has been a great opportunity to work with different individuals from all over the world that I otherwise would not have had to opportunity to meet. I am proud to represent the USA in the year’s Mister Virtual World pageant and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.


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