MEET MVW 2011Mr. Portugal Matteo Bettencourt

MR. PORTUGAL: Matteo Bettencourt

I am a very dedicated and ambitious individual. I’m continually setting new and higher goals for myself and putting everything I have into reaching them. I love knowledge, learning, life and laughter. I always try to acheive and maintain a positive atmosphere and environment for not only myself, but all of those around me.  I am a truly passionate man and apply that to all that I do, putting no less than 100% of myself into all my endeavors. While I have enjoyed some modest success in the SL fashion industry, I always make time to kick back with my close friends and colleagues and enjoy the simple and pleasurable things SL® has to offer. If I have a motto or some advice to adhere to,  it would be: do everything to the best of your abilities; those things that are most extremely challenging are usually also the most rewarding.

My style mmm … I see myself as a “guy next door” the one that likes to dress cute , but doesn’t have a  problem being funky and who loves to wear a suit and look stunning , the one that wakes up in the morning with messy hair and sits in his closet 😛 looking around and thinking ” what should I wear today” xD

Style Card :

Skin : Belleza Thomas
Eyes : Fashism Sunrise Pale Brown
Hair : Cheerno Max
Hair Base : Aitui Standard Black
Beard : Valient & Scared Beard Dark
Brief 😛 : Intimizzio Classic Brief White and Black
Pants : X-Ray Baggy Diper Pants
Tank : Alpha Angel Bad Boy
Bracelet : Chantkare Colorgy Wristband Red and white
Watch : S2L white leather
Tie: Gisaci Classic Italia Red
Glasses : Reek Park Shades
Tennis: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops tied altern
Bag : Emery – Bag James Pure
Hat : Akeyo Fedora Gingham
Coat : SG – 4Minute – Jacket  Black

When all of us started playing SL, we had no idea what we’d find.  After spending some time in SL I found myself in a place of dreams and possibilities.  SL is not just a common game but a game that engages real people from all over the world.  Here we all have an opportunity to choose to do innovative things and make a mark even if some might consider it small.
Mister Virtual World is perhaps the most glorious possibility of leaving our mark but it also shows who we are through our individual cultures and the culture of our native country, mine being Portugal.  These incentives are what I found to be part of such a great contest and organization.

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