InWorld Inc. Presents Summer Parade

-Champagne!sparkling fashion
-La Charme
-ChiChi Of London

InWorld Inc. Super Models:
Show Director : Aromia Barcelos – POSH Model CEO

♀ Females:
Lua Vendetta, Lacubana Lisa, Falbala Fairey, Alethia Bonham, Nataliewells, Quinty Sirnah,Nala Kurka, Aphrodite Brianna, Cornelia Dyrseen, Valeria Endrizzi,Flo,
Amitha Yorcliffe,Suki Rexen

♂ Males:
Philip Dollinger, Liam Netizen,Maddox Kaestner,Tesan Lane,Manu reggiane,
Apollo Call,Markski Glom, Matteo Bettencourt, Aspen Parx

Show Schedule :

☞ ☞ Day 1(10th July 2011)
(9:00 am SLT )
☼ Opening Show: Champagne Sparkling
InWorld Inc. Super Model Parade don’t miss it!!!

(10:00 am SLT)
☼ Splender
☼ Chici Of London
☞ ☞ Day 2 (11th July 2011)
(9:00 am SLT)
☼ Gizza
(10:00 am SLT)
Wear your GIZZA Style and get on the runway
Win Total Prize 2000L + 2 Gizza cloths + 2 Voucher from PulseGear for 2 best styling female
**Registration : send ur note with name and info what Gizza cloths u will wear
to Maya Sharpshire deadline 7th July 2011

☞ ☞ Day 3 (12th July)
(9:00 am SLT)

(10:00 am SLT)
☼ ASO+ Meil +Vitamen

Closing Show : AFTER SHOW PARTY with DJ THORN ANDEL live from UK

This Event Powered by’
Pulse Gear Studio,InWorld Life Style Magz,Posh Management

With our Sponsor Activity :
IMA Inc.
MA Inc.
Dallas Inc.
Serenity Groove Radio
Second Night


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