MEET MVW Mister Iceland 2011: Winter Jefferson

Winter Jefferson – Mr Iceland 2011


Hair – Whisp in Silver by [GAUZE]
Eyes – Sunrise in Pale Grey by Fashism
Skin – Brent in Light by CheerNo
Jacket – Rider’s Jacket in Roadster by Guarded Cross
Beater – Ribbed Tank in Steel by Moonshine
Gloves – Belted Leather Gloves by Devol
Jeans – Billie Jeans in Black by Ladies Who Lunch
Shoes – Engineer Boots by Coco
Helmet and Bike by Dirty Lynx
Photography by Winter Jefferson

Entering Mr Virtual World… it was an idea that I had been entertaining for a while. Around a year ago I decided to retry my modeling career path that I had let fizzle out in 2008 due to both the awful time zone I’m on, and the fact that I was the worst model ever because I simply couldn’t keep my mouth shut on the runway. “Well, hello ladies…” I felt that the male modeling world could use a bit more diversity and some of my own special brand of panache so I flung myself back into the breach. When I decide to do something then I go in hard and don’t rest until I’ve done it right. For modeling in Second Life there’s no higher or harder challenge than MVW and this was irresistible to me. Everyone wants this title so much and it only gets bestowed on one man. The best. Of course I needed to see if that could be me.

One of the things my winning the crown (with a great deal of insane luck and possible sexual bribery) would show is that there are many standards of male beauty and style in Second Life… just as many as there are in the real world. I’m sure I’d be a great ambassador for the organisation because I am many things, but I am never boring. I’d use the opportunity to broaden people’s outlooks on themselves and this magnificent world we share. I’d introduce new and overlooked creative people in all aspects of SL to the public. I would also possibly attempt some kind of insider led vampire coup on BOSL headquar – . wait… you didn’t read that one.

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