Meet MVW Mr. India 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn

MR. INDIA 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn


Hat: [CheerNo] Deuil George Fedora
Vest: [CheerNo] Deuil George vest
T-Shirt: CheerNo.STYLETees WhiteBASIC
Kilt: [CheerNo] Deuil George Kilt V1 [Flex]
Gloves: [CheerNo] Deuil George Gloves
Jeans: [CheerNo] Deuil George Pants V1
Shoes: *REDGRAVE* Aviator Boots -Black

Skin: *REDGRAVE* – Tyson

Hairbase: [Anaphora]_Fre$hCuts_Brunette_Arcane
Eyes: LL – fairy eyes – wolf bright
Shape: Custom made by Varaderobiker Blackburn

I am Varaderobiker Blackburn or better known as Vara. The country that I represent at MVW is the wonderful India. I choosed this country because it is so full of culture, amazing people and great colors. We all know the movies out of Bollywood (more or less) and the great food that we eat, time by time. I am so proud to have the chance to represent this country because it gives me the opportunity to bring you the culture and the colors a little bit closer.

I joined MVW to get more experience in modeling and to feel more safe in what I do. It gives me a great feeling to be there, cause I love the competition with other models. I am very honored to be a part of this very well known amazing contest and to share my creativity and styling to the whole high-fashion world. I love to play with the diffrent styles and the awesome creations of the designers. But also, if I find an outfit that I completely love, I wear it without any mix and match. And Cheerno is one of my favorite brands in SL.

I wish you all so much fun if you are watching us. Remember, we do this cause we love it and have fun with it !



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