GIA Presents “Mon Boudoir Secret” RFL Event

GIA Presents “Mon Boudoir Secret” RFL Event

When: July 10th at 1PM SLT – July 15th at 2PM SLT, 2011

GIA is proud to present it’s final event for the RFL 2011 season, “Mon Boudoir Secret.” The unique concept of the event blends sophisticated works from 5 of SL’s home furnishing stores with 9 designers of chic couture clothing and stylish accessories from skins to shoes offering “Boudoir” themed creations.

Discover who, where and how on your VIP invite.

Join us in the Boudoir!

Model: Charriol Ansar
Photographer: LatrellY Flux
Flyer Designer: Patty Cortes

** Clothing and decor on the flyer are used for illustration purpose only, they are not part of the event’s unique offering

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