The Fashion Teller: Seven Deadly Sins Model Search WINNER



Featuring FINESMITH Designs

CONGRATULATIONS to Melanie Sautereau for winning the Seven Deadly Sins Model Search.

Her two entries to The Fashion Teller Contest are mind blowing and just amazing. She really captured LUST (pictured above) and WRATH (pictured below). Photographer is Cala Rossini. She will join the other models personally picked by FINESMITH designer, Yula Finesmith and represent one of the deadly sins depicted throughout time and history. Photoshoot will be starting soon.

Many thanks to everyone who participated.

There were a lot of stunning and very creative entries and it was a very hard decision for the judges.

We hope you will try again for our future castings. We have a HUGE casting coming up in DECEMBER for WONDERLAND.


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  1. OMG.. THANK YOU!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you SO much to the judges, and especially to Yula.. It’s such an honor to represent Finesmith in this project and thank you for this opportunity!
    A big thank you also to my photographer, Cala Rossini, who knew immediately what kind of look I was aiming for. Shes such an amazing artist. Thank you all! ❤

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