~ PurpleMoon – Party Invite ~

~ PurpleMoon – Party Invite ~


Passion Fashion Agency presents:

P u r p l e M o o n

2nd Anniversary Party

with the chance to win great prizes


Saturday, 2nd July 2011, 3.00 – 5.00 pm SLT

Come and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PurpleMoon, one of the most famous brands in SL with almost 9000 members! PurpleMoon is well known for finest, highy detailed dresses since June 2009.

During the last 2 years Poulet Koenkamp, owner and designer, raised the bar of fashion in SL not only with the gorgeous designs, but also with her caring heart for charity. Her designs are feminine elegant but also edgy and outstanding. The big success of PurpleMoon is a result of hard work, beautiful designs and the kindness and grace of Poulet Koenkamp.

The first event is a big Party on Saturday 2nd July!
Dance with us under the stars, shop in the store and listen to the great tunes and smart voice of Edi Clarity.

As a big surprise 20 valuable gifts will be raffled off during the party. Solve quiz questions first and win prizes!

Party DJ & Host: Editorial Clarity
Quiz Hosts: Florentine Rau & Falbala Fairey

brought to you by Passion Fashion Agency


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