NEW RELEASE: CURAZAO by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


Inspired by the beautiful country of Curacao, CURAZAO is a colorful, majestic new release for the ladies from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.

The brilliant, sparkling colors of this breathtaking garment will leave you and everyone who sees you dizzy with excitement! You can almost hear the tambu drumming and feel the rhythm of the “baila ban” dancing when you don this gorgeous costume!

The form-fitting bodice with spaghetti-string straps is covered in luminous red sequins, plunges daringly in the back, and shimmering stars sits in the center of the bra. The sexy short prim skirt is also made of red sequins, with 5 twinkling stars across the bottom of the hem. Attached to the sides and back of the skirt are layers of lavish floral-type prims, which are outlined around the edges of the red sequins in hot pink.

A stand-up, red sequined collar hugs the back of the neck. Attached to the collar are large leaf-life prims — half are covered in red sequins, and the other half are covered in a lucious hot pink texture. COLOR, COLOR, AND MORE COLOR!!

And the pièce de résistance of this masterpiece is most definitely the headpiece!! The base is made of red sequins, the front of which contains three gems and lies flat against the forehead. On top of the base are briliant red and pink flamboyant flowers with yellow stigmas in the center. And nestled among the flowers is an orange flamenco! Resplendent and mezmerizing!

Also included are exquisite multi-level chandelier earrings with large orange center diamonds, surrounded by round white spheres of sparkleand ruby red dangles along the bottom, as well as a matching white and orange diamond bracelet.

CURAZAO is a fitting tribute to the exotic and lush country of Curacao. Ladies, if you love the bright pink, red and orange colorations, if you yearn to be covered in head-to-toe sparkles and glimmer, then CURAZAO is definitely for you!



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