AF11 Closure Party

AF11 Closure Party

ONLY 24H to rediscover AF11 & Closure Party Sunday @ 1PM!

The Accessory Fair 2011 by GIA ends on June 26th, 2011 with a closure party starting at 1 PM SLT. The event will host the best ”Ancient Egypt” outfit contest with a CASH prize set to 5,000L$ for the top-voted! The event will also announce the winning entries of the 2 ongoing photo contests.

There is less than 24 hours left to rediscover the fair. Shop RFL of SL Exclusive creations, hunt 24 items under 50L$, submit your photo TODAY and join us on Sunday at 1PM!

Cool oasis, hot party, be there!

Male Model: Carmichael Caudron
Female model: Charriol Ansar
They wear ensembles by Illusions: Masks & Unique Accessories (Siyu Suen) released exclusively for the Accessory Fair 2011 “Discover the Treasures!”
Photo and graphic design: Patty Cortes


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