“UNPRETTY” by RicoRacer Flux for BeStyle District Magazine


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Magissa Denver

FASHION: Gabriel Red Tuxedo

Picture Info: I asked Magissa if she can recreate the promo picture of  The Joker “Why so Serious?” but with the words “Unpretty” instead. This picture represents that dark side of each one of us that constantly tells us that we’re not good enough and we can’t win.

Article Info: I was approached by the lovely Agtaope Carter Lane if I wanted to write an article for BeStyle District Magazine: June 2011 Issue. She gave me the freedom to choose my own topic to write, so I chose to write about the dark side of modeling and the effects it has on the self-esteem. I thought it would be something different than the usual advice tips on modeling. I’ve been a model since June 2009 and most people think that it has been an easy road for me as a model in SL. NOPE. I’ve been a victim of modeling scams. I’ve been thrashed with my ruthed picture plastered on several websites with a caption: NOT TO BE A MODEL. I’ve been given plenty of warnings to watch my back. I’ve been used by people and discarded. I’ve been ejected from agencies unfairly and I’ve lost friendships. I’ve certainly have my share of  losing at major agency castings and prestigious contests, as I know most of us probably have. The list goes on…

My point is I’m still here.  I didn’t give up and I hope you don’t as well. Please enjoy the article.



Living a life as a Second Life Supermodel looks glamorous and fascinating. We gaze at them in awe as they work the runways and admire their fantastic poses and styling in store ads, blogs and magazines all over the Virtual World. They seem to have everything: fame, prestige, fantastic clothing, glamorous lifestyle and a privileged membership to the SL fashion cliques and agencies. Many are attracted and drawn to the SL Fashion World but soon realized that it is not easy.

The truth is that the road to stardom is not always pretty. It is filled with cut throat ruthless competition for the very few coveted spots and jobs. Aside from the long hours and grueling schedules, many models face drama, stress, jealousy and public humiliation from anyone who wants nothing better than to see a star fall.

Kindly Read The Rest At BeStyle District Magazine

HERE: http://issuu.com/agtaopecarterlane/docs/bestyle_d._magazine_june_2011



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