NEW RELEASE: SPECTACULAR from Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion presents SPECTACULAR – our new release for the gentlemen and so very, very chic, shocking, tantalizing, and glam – very reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge!

The white textured, cropped jacket is very sensual in its design, open in the front, with three silver buttons on each side which are connected with strands of sparkling chain. A stand-up prim collar is also open at the neckline. And you will love the bold silver shoulder pieces that attach to this jacket, with additional silver chains that drape down both shoulders. C’est magnifique!

The matching brief doesn’t leave much to the imagination – simply hawt! The top hat adds that dapper look to this outfit. And we include matching booties that will show off your muscular legs!

Gentlemen, if you want to shine, if you love eye-opening fashion that will tease and stimulate the senses, then SPECTACULAR is just that and more!

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