ALEIDA to close — Going out of Business Sale


Notice from ALEIDA 17th June 2011


Dear all,

I dont know how to start this, but I would like to announce, that I am closing ALEIDA from 30th June 2011 midnigt and there will be a closing sale that starts today 16th June and I have collected all my stuff I have been creating from mid 2010 up to today and they are all for sale at 50-80 % off the original price. This means skins, shoes, accessories, casuals and formal creations. The Spring/Summer collection will though be keep at 50% off level all of them, since they are still quiet new.

Spring/summer 2011 collection @ Marketplace are also marked down with 50% so if you like to gift someone  – use Marketplace. Old collection like casuals, shoes, etc – you can drop me notecard with : Item name, who you want to give gift to – and I contact you for payment and delievery the gift for you.

Marketplace link:

After 30th 2011 all these things will be gone and when I say gone, this means 100% deleted from my SL inventory and RL computer file. If you are interested in buying the new Spring Collection as for resell after – contact me and we can deal about it. Send me an E-mail with your name, and I will get back to you. Please do not drop me nc.

I will leave SL for a while  – at least whole summer and I dont know when I will be back, but if I ever do, then I will let you know. Right now I cannot promise anything. And I am fine in RL, nothing has happened other than I want to focus on my studies for the next semester and I have given SL 4 yrs of my life and I think it is enough :). Met many awesome friends and business connections – you were and still always will be special to me every single of you.

Thanks for everything everyone and hope you will continue enjoying SL,

♥ Ale



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