NEW RELEASE: AMAZONE From Champagne! Sparkling Fashion

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion



Do you consider yourself to be a strong-willed and aggressive woman, and yet nurturing and desirable at the same time? Then, ladies, we have a new outfit that will show these attributes in their best light. CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion releases the new AMAZONE for all you proud, strong, and feminine women on the grid!

In Greek mythology the AMAZONES were very dashing and elegant, brave and powerful women who rode into battle and were written about in Homer’s Iliad. This golden, extravagant, and powerful creation gives you self-confidence and yet shows off your feminine wiles in a way that will keep your partner spellbound!

The main piece of this outfit is a gold and brown corset with double leather straps on either side held in place in the front by two large gold jewels, draping over the shoulder and down the back, with two additional golden jewels added for weight and decoration . A magnificently “stand-out” textured gold collar surrounds the neckline. The matching textured prim around the hips is encircled with small, golden flaps, which forms a skirt that covers and yet teases and tempts the eye. Matching, textured leg cuffs, forearm cuffs, and upper arm bands add to the exquisite, yet dynamic warrior visage. Also included is a leather head band with attached gold metallic leaves. AMAZONE is magnificent and pleasing in every detail! And the woman who wears it is dominant, compelling, commanding and yet every bit the savage temptress!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyrian Lefavre



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