GIA announces Accessory Fair 2011: Ancient Egypt!

GIA announces Accessory Fair 2011: Ancient Egypt!

When: 11/06/11 from 1 PM SLT to 26/06/11 at 3PM SLT
Where: “The Oasis” and “The Dig”… Read more on the website (URL below)!

Visited in 2010 by over 20,000 SL residents, GIA is proud to present the second year edition of Accessory Fair. The theme is set to “Ancient Egypt: Discover the Treasures!” The fair will be hosted on two full sims.

Over 40 of SL’s top accessory designers will showcase brand new creations and RFL exclusives whose proceeds will go 100% to the cause.

Unleash the adventurer within!

Sponsors include Debra Hilltop (land sponsor), ::MOOD::, Gems & Kisses, GOS and Finesmith Design.

Find more information on:

Flyer Credits: James Schwarz


Costa Rica Sims Presents Walk Down the Aisle

Wedding Fashion Show
Bliss Couture
House Of Europe
Nicky Ree
Rebel Hope
Brendan Macarthur
Clyde Saunders
Leena Bianco
Liam Netizen
Reign Congrejo
Roe Woodford
Sydney Bonde
Tanaya Baxton
Saturday, 11 June 2011, 12:00PM SLT
Puntarenas (170, 138, 25)
Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and has produced a variety of high-quality fashion shows and events from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Colonial Shopping District.

AVENUE of Life: 10 hours LIVE MUSIC to RELAY

AVENUE of Life:

10 hours LIVE MUSIC to RELAY

AVENUE of Life cordially invites you to a 10 hours marathon to celebrate music and support the American Cancer Society.

A rich line-up with some of the best performers on the grid:

12pm SLT – Blindboy Gumbo

UK Northener Blindboy Gumbo started his SL music career mostly doing covers with the odd original thrown in for good measure, but with regular shows and audience feedback he found SL live music to be more than just doing covers for fun, and it became an outlet for his real talent, performing his original music and playing some serious slide guitar!

01pm SLT – POL Arida

POL Arida is a solo artist working from Edinburgh, Scotland. Words are POL’s real passion and each of his original songs presents his own unique perspective of life in this world we live in.

02pm SLT – Savannah Coronet

‘I am influenced in my Singing by many different genres. My passion is country music. Singing has taken me in many different directions including small musicals, theatrical roles, honors chorus, talent shows and karaoke shows. I have won contests and I was also a singer in a garage band for a few years. Now I am living out my dream here in Second Life!’

03pm SLT – Freestar Tammas

Freestar Tammas, or “Free” as she is known to most, has streamed live in SL since May ’07. Her singing/songwriting style developed while listening to Bonnie Raitt and classic Elton John/Bernie Taupin (pre-1976), resulting in her own bluesy, sassy, soulful style. Quirky, irreverent and often a bit naughty, she is an original personality playing original acoustic tunes, making the few covers she performs completely her own.

04pm SLT – Allister Westland

Allister has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. He is self taught in guitar, bass, percussion and keyboards. He is also Conservatory trained in Clarinet and has won several awards for his playing abilities. Allister has performed and recorded with many bands throughout the years and has solid stage and recording studio experience.

05pm SLT – Lighthouse Mixmaster

Joel Harlan, aka Lighthouse Mixmaster, has been playing professionally, both live and session work, for many years. While living in Texas, Joel has jammed with Ted Nugent, Jimmy Wallace & Bugs Henderson. He has also shared the stage with many artists including Tracy Byrd, Black Oak Arkansas, Three Dog Night and many more. Joel has been playing guitar ever since 1976. He attended Southwest Guitar Conservatory in 1985 where he studied with Jackie King and Herb Ellis.

06pm SLT – Rapture Damone

One woman and six strings equals pure pleasure. Rapture delivers an eclectic mix of covers that provide pleasure regardless of your music of choice! She pulls out new material constantly and delivers it with talent and enthusiasm… always interacting with her audience to deliver what they ask for!

07pm SLT – Sojurn Rossini

Sojurn Rossini has been rocking the SL music scene for a few years now. He plays regular gigs at several different hot spots around the grid. Sojurn has an  eclectic array of influences and cover tunes ranging from Bob Marley to James Taylor, to more recent artist like Pearl Jam, Incubus, Three doors down, Jack Johnson and more. If you are looking for a whole lotta soul packed into one man’s performance, this is the guy to see!

08pm SLT – Maximillion Kleene

If music feeds the soul, Maximillion Kleene is the food of the gods. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide many a listener with a virtual buffet of auditory temptations. Max brings high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life. Oozing charisma and charm, he provides his fans with an hour of musical magic.

09pm SLT – Edward Kyomoon

Edward gives you high energy rock music and love songs, performing live on either acoustic or electric guitar.  From high energy guitar solos and soaring vocals to acoustic ballads and love songs that make the girls swoon, he is sure to please any audience he draws.


Venue: The A LOUNGE


Eric Coiffard
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader
JSP Lounge | Owner

Livia Mastroianni
AVENUE of Life | Team Captain