CONTEST: Fellini Couture’s Muse 2011

Fellini Couture’s Muse 2011

… If you feel you have a princess’s soul

… If originality doesn’t scare you

… If elegance is your motto and

… If you have the desire to represent Fellini Couture during a whole year…

Join us for the Fellini Couture’s Muse Election !


How to proceed ? The contest will take place in 2 parts :

Join the Subcribe-O-Matic in the mainstore to stay informed about news􀀒


Entries : From June 4th  to June 24th  [3 pm SLT]  ~ Results the 25th ~

Make a folder named : Fellini Couture Muse 2011 – Your name

/!\ (Please make sure to name the folder correctly or your application WON’T be considered)

Put in the folder :

► A full body shot with a Fellini Couture gown.
► A close up.
► The interview notecard completed.  􀀑

(Photo editing is encouraged but not mandatory)

Send the folder to Fauve Beaumont before June, 24th 2011, 3 PM SLT AND please, send photos also at

➩ 10 girls will be chosen.
Winners will be announced by the Subscribe-O-Matic group and on flickr :

You will receive an invitation to the in-world group and a tag for the finale.

/!\ It is way much better for you and us and all our future collaborations if you are often available at European Time : between 11 am and 2 pm SLT.

/!\ English is required.



═ Saturday July, 2nd. at 1 PM ═

You will create either two or three looks for the jury:

You will create one look by mixing and matching parts from different Fellini gowns.  You may also use parts of other designer outfits as well for this look.

You will create a second look from one Fellini Couture gown (the same gown will be passed to each semi-finalist).

The judges will then select 5 finalists and each finalist will create one final look by selecting and styling a Fellini Couture gown of her choice.  This will be your last opportunity to impress the judges!

➩ One Muse
➩ 1st runner up
➩ 2nd runner up  will be elected.

Winners will be announced just after the show. We will just need time to count votes.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Fauve Beaumont, Fellini Couture Manager by notecard.

✰The prizes✰

★ For the Fellini Couture Muse 2011 :

◦20 000L$ cash

◦ Five gowns of her choice – and all new designs released during the year that she reigns!

◦ The opportunity to pose for our vendors, advertising for magazine or do fashion runways for Fellini Couture.

◦ A photo close-up by Lulu Jameson that will be displayed in store, on our blog….

◦ 3 Fat Packs of her choice from *Plume* 􀀓

★ For the 1st Runner up :

◦ 5000 L$ cash
◦ Two dresses of her choice
◦ Two Fat packs of her choice from *Plume*

★ For the 2nd Runner up :

◦ 2500 L$ cash
◦ One dress of her choice
◦ One Fat Pack of her choice from *Plume*

✰The Jury✰

* Joy Fellini
Fellini Couture & Lingerie Designer,  Photographer.

* Carilynn OHare
Fellini Couture Muse 2010, MV♛ Miss Ireland 2011

* Serene Faith
Miss Virtual World ♛ 2011

* Lulu Jameson
Freelance Photographer and Plume Co-Owner & Designer.

* Julie Hastings
Photographer & [White~Widow] Co-Owner.

* Agtaope Carter
Owner of Bestyle District

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