AvCon seeks staff for magazine


AvCON Production is seeking individuals’ talented personals in the following field for the launch of our digital magazine. Those individual must be team players, work in coherence with each other to produce the quality we are aiming and maintain the quality we seek.

These jobs are paid positions with competitive salaries based on experience and talents.

1. Art Director
2. Photography and graphics Director
3. Marketing Director
4. Production Manager
5. Writers / investigating reporters

Please submit your resume in a note card  for personal interviews to PINKY ( petitelittlegirl pinklady ) and Candylicious Forster no later than June 6/7/11. Make sure to name the Notecard as (AvCON – Job Position- your name)

If any question arises , please feel free to contact the undersigned .

Candylicious Forster
AvCON Productions

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