AVATAR Style Magazine: RicoRacer Flux Interview


RicoRacer Flux Interview by Leda carter

RicoRace Flux, who recently won the BOSL 2011 award for Best Model, is a hardworking model with a full schedule. In spite of his busy schedule, he was generous enough to give us his time to talk about his modeling life, the rarity of male models, and his Second Life experience.  We have no doubt that you will find him a thoughtful, kind, and down-to-earth person, and hope that you will enjoy learning more about RicoRacer Flux.

Leda Carter: Thank you so much for your time, Rico. You have been a great example of a successful model. Tell us a little something about the person behind the avatar.

RicoRacer Flux: I am just a simple person who grew up in a small town. I have always had big dreams and knew what I wanted in life. I am, now, living in a big city to pursue a better future and find better opportunities. I have small town values, in terms of being kind and treating everyone with respect. But, I am also open-minded to new ideas and different points of view. I like to think that I am a caring and creative person, thus, my RL job is in healthcare, saving lives, and I occasionally do RL modelling on the side. Rico in SL and RL is very simple, with nothing to hide. What you see is what you get.


Please Read the rest of the Interview/Feature Piece here:

My sincere gratitude to Leda Carter and Avatar Style Magazine for this lovely interview.

❤ RicoRacer Flux<3


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