[[SUNLIGHT]] by Spezia Magic

The brand [Sunlight] was born in November 2010, some for fun and a bit of passion for the field of fashion. Spezia Magic, creator of the brand, began his career creating clothes exclusively for women for the RPG, then evolving into casual clothes, urban, elegant, feminine underwear, and much more.
The variety of colors, the choice of accessories and the creativity of the designer, make the brand take off in the fashion industry in a short time, thanks to the help provided by her inseparable friend Britney Berman, ex PR in the field of fashion and writer for the popular website ‘Pixelook’.
Strengths of the brand [Sunlight] are the simplicity and ‘elegance of the models, but also the liveliness and vivacity of the symbols of the same brand name. Affordable prices for all budgets. Frequency in the creation of new models and suitable for all styles.
Spezia Magic thanks all her loyal customers and invites you all to visit her mainstore site in Casablanca Estates Four.

Here is LM of my mainstore:

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