The Fashion Teller: Je T’ Aime “GONE WITH THE WIND” Starring Mimmi Boa and Salvo Waydelich


The Fashion Teller: Je T’Aime

We believe in LOVE and ROMANCE whether in RL or SL and we know how hard it is to maintain a relationship against all odds, so we decided to honor very special Second Life couples in our new book: Je T’Amie. This Book of LOVE features high profile couples in SL in the most famous romantic movie scenes. It is a high quality, high fashion book that spotlighted the top designs of Shiki, PurpleMoon, CHANTKARE and Tres Beau which will make you fall in love.

Mimmi Boa & Salvo Waydelich

MOVIE:  Gone with the Wind

LOVERS: Salvo Waydelich & Mimmi Boa



Salvo Waydelich is wearing Aspen in Navy from Tres Beau.

Mimmi Boa is wearing Carmen in Green from PurpleMoon.

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Tres Beau:


POSES: BodyTalking


Salvo to Mimmi:

What is it about your partner that you admire or made you fall in love?
Almost all…..her personality sweet but strong at same time, her style and way to make front to all situation.

Mimmi to Salvo:

Salvo is  adorable all the way, so nice, humoristic, awesome, sweet and  always ready to help.
I love him tons!


Pick Up a Copy of the Book for more Amazing Couples or View it Online Here:


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