DEUS DO SOL by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


A tribute to the power and strength of Sun Gods is the latest offering from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion in the new DEUS DO SOL!

Majestic and grandiose in every detail, DEUS DO SOL is a costume that truly must be seen to appreciate its larger-than-life splendor! The glorious angelic wings layered in sequins with bright golden feathers attached to the back tower high in the air and are the focal point of this impressive outfit.

Shiny golden briefs leave nothing to the imagination 😉 and are complimented with golden feathered and jeweled ankle and wrist cuffs. A stunning pure gold choker made with sequins and cascading chains surrounds the neck and drapes down the chest. You will also enjoy the matching gold sequined mask which is provided.

No Sun God can be seen without a proper headdress befitting of his stature and this one is truly resplendent! In pure gold, your head is encased in sparkle and shine, with large plumes of golden feathers, sequins, and jewels fit for revered deity!

Odysseus, Hyperion, and even Apollo himself would be in awe of DEUS DO SOL! Are you man enough to be seen in this tribute to the Sun Gods?

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyrian Lefavre