Thank You So Much


My deepest gratitude goes to Frolic Mills, the fantastic BOSL team and everyone who voted for me for the BOSL Top Male Model Award. I sincerely regret not being able to attend the ceremony due to real life matters. My sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I spent all day with her at the hospital while she was having her first chemotherapy. She did not tolerate the chemotherapy well and it was a long stressful day. It was such a shock when I came home last night to find out that I won the BOSL Top Male Model Award. I honestly did not expect it and I am deeply honored and so thankful for the award. I share the award with all the nominees because they are all excellent models and my good friends…..each one I have deep respect and admiration. CHEERS to Mikey, Apollo, Angelik, Daniele, Marcus, and Harsch.

THANK YOU to all my mentors and role models in the fashion industry for the inspiration you have put in me to strive to do my best. THANK YOU to all my SL family, friends and everyone who have supported me in my modeling journey. THANK YOU to everyone who have given me all the opportunities in my modeling career and have not given up on me especially these past few months when RL has been very difficult and I have not the time to model as much as I wanted to. THANK YOU to each one of my modeling agencies for their faith in me. Thank you to everyone for their support, kindness and well wishes. I am sorry for not listing all the names of the people I am grateful for but I am afraid that I might miss anyone. Thank you again to Frolic Mills, Editorial, Persia, BlackBarbie and the BOSL Team. Thank you all for bringing this unexpected joy and honor into my life. These past month has been tough for me in RL and you all have truly brighten my day.

RicoRacer Flux


  1. Congratulations Rico! Such a wonderful honor for an equally wonderful man.

    My heartfelt prayers extend to you and your family at this time of your sister’s need. May she come through this struggle with renewed strength and health. What a blessing to have a brother such as you to be there for her.

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