SL Art Couture: The Fashion Teller: Je T’Aime


The Fashion Teller: Je T’Aime

We believe in LOVE and ROMANCE whether in RL or SL and we know how hard it is to maintain a relationship against all odds, so we decided to honor very special Second Life couples in our new book: Je T’Amie. This Book of LOVE features high profile couples in SL in the most famous romantic movie scenes. It is a high quality, high fashion book that spotlighted the top designs of Shiki, PurpleMoon, CHANTKARE and Tres Beau which will make you fall in love.

Explore the Book of LOVE as each page displays romantic scenes from TITANIC, Gone With The Wind, Moulin Rogue, Breakfast at Tiffany, Dirty Dancing, Brokeback Mountain, Ghost, From Here to Eternity, Casablanca, My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, Snow White, Pretty Woman and Romeo& Juliet. We selected famous SL couples that have been a role model and inspiration to us.

Get a copy online or view it here:

MOVIE: Moulin Rogue “The Sparkling Diamond”

MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Arisia Ashmoot



Arisia in Tres Beau “GLISTEN”

RicoRacer in Shiki Tuxedo “Crystallize”


Passion Agency Presents Cabaret Colore


Cabaret Colore


Passion Fashion Agency presents:

C a b a r e t C o l o r e


Sunday, 10th April 2011, 1.00 pm SLT

Join us on Passion Mainstage for an extraordinaire Fashion Show. A weird and dynamic Rock’n’roll Cabaret.

Passion models will showcase the brandnew Series of Faster Pussycat by Honey Bender, accompanied by Lionskins of Lion Jonesford and 3636 hair by Dianny3636 Aeon.

It will be a show of the kind you wont miss!


* Blackliquid Tokyoska
* Wicca Merlin
* Agtaope Carter
* Seashell Dench
* Estela Parx
* Federica Galtier
* Nala Kurka
* Anna Sapphire
* RicoRacer Flux
* Harsch Sharktooth
* Tesan Lane

Chat host with Edi Clarity: Lorelei Maggs
Greeter model: Natzuka Miliandrovic
Script writer: Federica Galtier
Show photographer: Tillie Ariantho
Producer: Leandra Breen