IMPERIAL by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


A blue and silver stunner awaits the gentlemen with CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s IMPERIAL. And indeed it is just that!

IMPERIAL is resplendent in its color and detail, and its dazzling design will leave people staring in awe! IMPERIAL begins with a sash which surrounds your chest in a gleaming pattern of blues, black, and white.
The separate back attachment is luminously jeweled with diamonds and sapphires around spokes of glittering silver.

The briefs repeat the pattern and material of the sash and show off your sexy backside, and the belt is also done in silver with diamonds and a single, large blue sapphire in the middle of the buckle. Radiant long chains drape down on the left and right sides of the belt attachment.

The matching cuffs add that magical and sparkling detail to your ankles and wrists with additional twinkling diamonds and sapphires. And the headdress is positively magnificent! Plumes of lusciously voluminous black and royal blue feathers come together in a blue satin crown for your head, surrounded in a splendid array of silver chain, diamonds, and sapphires that will leave both the owner and his audience spellbound!

IMPERIAL was made for the man who wants the focus to be on him! And we guarantee you it will be when you appear in this awe-inspiring costume!

Run to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion where IMPERIAL awaits!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyrian Lefavre

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