Opium Fashion Agency Presents EDEN

In tales of  ‘lore..every year when winter blankets the world with her frosty hand..we sleep… Beautiful fairies yawn yet work diligently when Vernal Equinox is upon the horizon.  Planting seedlings with nurture and precise care so when the lands awaken.. they do so..in bloom so wondrous your every sense will applaud its beauty.

Join Us April 8, 2011 at 6pm SLT for a truly beautiful experience. Fairies, Mythical Creatures and You help us awaken the lands to Spring. Many designs created just for this show will be seen first time.

Our breathtaking designers:  ALB Dream Fashion, Aphrodite, Azoury, Brocade Tiger, D Designs, House of Europe, Fellini Couture and Plume.

Opium hopes to see you there and we wish you a wondrous Spring Season.

For More Info: http://www.opiuminsight.com/

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