Beauty Secret #3

I saw her amid purple swirls.
I saw Cleopatra, a young girl
stretched out upon her back,
inhaling a scented aphrodisiac
from a brazier encrusted with pearls.
As the silky smoke did curl
around her jeweled body, her hand, bold
as the paw of a tiger, fired her hair with gold.
Her feet, white lilies; her ankles bangled
with opals; her arms entangled
in turquoise, garnets and diamond darts.
Her flesh, cool as all the perfumed arts
of Egypt. Ah! If only I could enter her door,
I’d offer all my laurels, riches—everything I adore!
—John Howard Reid

Golden Empress
Bring out the goddess in you with this evocative new makeup from Garded Secret. Shimmering gold is brushed upon your cheeks as your eyes turn into a work of art with shades of blue and gold outlined in khol.

Model Talyia Tarber is wearing “Priestess”, a stunning creation from Champagne Sparkling Fashion, and hair “Leila” by Tukinowaguma

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