PASSION Agency ~Tres Beau Moonlight Show~

~Tres Beau Moonlight Show~, originally uploaded by Leandra Breen.

~Tres Beau Moonlight Show~


Passion Fashion Agency presents:

T r e s B e a u M o o n l i g h t S h o w


Sunday, 20th March, 1.00 pm SLT

Imagine dancing in a Fullmoon Night with your love. What would be better to wear than a gorgeous dress designed by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau?

Join us on Passion Mainstage for a Fashion Show inspirated by romantic Moonlight and a sparkling sky with the exquisite Designs from one of the best fashion brand on the grid.


Carilynn OHare
Cherie Parker
July Raymaker
Lorelei Maggs
Phillip Dollinger
Daniele Eberhardt
Serene Faith
Wicca Merlin

Chat host with Edi Clarity: Federica Galtier
Show Assistant: Chloe Panthar
Script writer: Emeraldeyes Honi
Show photographer: Nala Kurka
Flyer: Angellina Freschi
Producer: Passion Fashion Agency – Leandra Breen