Japan Earthquake & Tsunami HELP

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Destruction

On March 11, 2011, a 9 magnitude earthquake hit the east coast of Japan, followed by a 30-foot walls of Tsunami that swept across rice fields and cities. Till this date, over 5,000 were killed, over 11,000 missing.

These are the times, when religion, color, background, has no borders and the world come together for one thing only: to help people in need. Thanks to so many people, just within Second Life, so many fundraising events has been organized.

I wanted to take this opportunity to name few and thank everyone, organizers, designers, creators, consumers, for the thoughts, prayers, assistance, and importantly, the monetary support.

We all love to show in SL. Let’s go to these places first and see if there is anything we like. If we are to spend L$, let’s shop for a great cause!

Japan will have a long way still and the danger is not yet over. But…

Together… We can make a difference!

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:

SL Fashion Industry to help Japan:


Radar Magazine:

There are so many more so if you know of any, please spread the word.

Thank you for your continued support!

CLAIM the FAME Top 20 Designers

Claim the Fame

SL Art Couture, in association with Metaverse TV and supported by BOSL Magazine, is proud to present the “Claim the Fame” Designer Challenge. It offers new designers & those who have not yet found recognition within Second Life the chance to become a well-known & respected brand. After processing countless applications, carefully reviewing sample pieces and much deliberation, only twenty fashion designers have been selected to compete. Each will have to create two outfits per week. These will be reviewed by a panel of guest judges – a veritable who’s who in SL fashion today. Beginning on April 6, each televised show, brought to you by Metaverse TV, will feature these designs and also two eliminations. The top ten designers will continue to compete weekly, with one elimination during each show, until our “Claim the Fame” finale which will be held on July 6.

What’s at stake? Plenty! The winner will receive L$100,000, a feature in KULT Magazine to include the cover and a six-page fashion spread, a six-month ad campaign provided by SL Art Couture/KULT Magazine and a highly-publicized fashion show complete with custom-made runway, top fashion models and production team.

We are happy to announce the top twenty designers who have passed through our rigorous selection process. These talented individuals will vie for the top spot – the one who will ultimately Claim the Fame!

Txus Alderton
Lybra Rage
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
Mayden Ushimawa
Misha Flanagan
Nefertiti Kimagawa
Ashleey Andrew
Inga Wind
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
Karissa Silversmith
SynsualSyn Sawson
Nuala MacMoragh
Rogue Falconer
Bubble Cyberstar
Brutus Martinek
Lexi Vargas
Thetra Blackheart
Vanesa Jinx
Didier Rascon
Fashionboi Landar

Congratulations to our top twenty and to all others who participated in the selection rounds! We look forward to seeing these contestants and you at our first show on April 6, brought to you by Metaverse TV!

For information on becoming a sponsor of Claim the Fame, please contact any member of our management team listed below. Thank you!

Founded by Arisia Ashmoot, CEO of Body Talking, Tatanka Kaligawa, Owner & Designer of MEA CULPA and Wicca Merlin, CCO of MEA CULPA, SL Art Couture is a fresh and dynamic company with the ability to fulfill your wildest dreams in the fashion world. The purpose of this company is to bring in new elements and shine a light on the fashion industry by adding the artistic element to events, taking them to a whole new level.

Formed by a team of experienced professionals, designers, builders and models, we aim to bring you absolutely the best experience possible.