The Save Quake Japan sign shows your willingness to donate a part of the proceeds from your SecondLife store to victims of recent earthquake in Japan. Please present the sign in your blogs and stores so that we can raise the public awareness and help fundraising and volunteering efforts.

All proceeds from the store will be donated to this cause.

[How to Donate]
* Donate in Linden Dollar (by purchasing Linden Bear)
All donatetions to buy this bear will go to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

* Donate via Paypal/in Japanese Yen

Thank you for your cooperation.

Evane Models presents: “Shine on you crazy diamond” Spring show

Evane Models presents:

“Shine on you crazy diamond” Spring show

Waiting for the official ADV i start to post a reminder for all my friends that want to join us in a FAB show with the newest and amazing creations of Finesmith Designs!
The best and innovative jewelry you can imagine, an Hymn to Beauty and Femininity!