Outrageous Glamour Presents Foggiare



Be transported to Rome, to the Spanish Steps. Listen to the sound of Opera float through the air as you gaze upon and the beautiful creations of House of Europe and Finesmith Designs.

Models :

Carilynn Ohare

Daniele Eberhardt

Darling Tomorrow

Federica Galtier

Jade Spectre

Lulu Breuer

Mickael Greybeard

Rissa Friller

Show Direction and Producer

Lulu Breuer, Angelik Lavecchia and Matteo Bettencourt

Design by :

House of Europe by Didier Rascon

Sponsored by

Finesmith by Yula Finesmith

Radar Magazine

Scrulpz Magazine

LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Knight/238/187/22

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