We are proud to announce you the big opening of the new main store of HOUSE OF EUROPE

Saturday, January 29th at 3pm SL time

Location :

A new logo, a new collection, and now House of Europe is making beautiful outfits for both Women and Men.

You can also register to the House of Europe new group to be aware of the monthly new coming outfits, and the openning very soon of the contest “Ms & Mr Europe 2011”.

We are actually looking for sponsors, so if you want to be in, just send a notecard to Didier Rascon or Angelik Lavecchia.

Also, House of Europe is proud to have a new store at AVCON Productions Sim ! So stay aware of coming events with AVCON.

Thank you everyone, and hope to see you all at the openning.

Didier Rascon Lavecchia, HOE owner and designer
Angelik Rascon Lavecchia, HOE director and manager


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