Finesmith Valentines Day Challenge Artwork

Finesmith Valentines Day Challenge Artwork

Engraved hearts, set Diamonds in your soul.

**join the creativity madness and create an image for valentine with your love.

– the image must have couple only- male female,male male, female female

-you may do it with a friend, not necessery lover , but we sure want to see love all around you- romantic/steaming….creative!

_this challenge is open for anyone. and does not have to be made by professional photographer- we wish to see great idea.

_image resoulution no less then 512×512

_at least one finesmith jewelry in the image

-no nudity please:)

– final date to submit your photo – February 13:)

_winners will be announced on february 14

**your gift- 10k each in finesmith store credit.

Add the image to finesmith pleasure group here in flicker. and send submission. Go to Finesmith main store. Drop your image in main store mailbox.

Many Thanks to our models- catlyn Sahara and Markski Glom.
and the creative mind, everything genius. the photographer- Blackliquid Tokyoska


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