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Starwalkers 2010 to expand its influence

It’s been a great year for Starwalkers 2010!  In a year’s time, the group has reached a staggering 1000 members without actively promoting — but now the time has come for us to blossom.

Beginning this month, Starwalkers 2010 will begin active marketing and event planning to increase our group size which will enlarge the population which receives your messages and expose your businesses to entirely new people.

As you may have noticed, there are groups popping up that try to simulate the same functions as Starwalkers 2010, and these groups are charging subscriptions to gain posting rights.  Starwalkers 2010 is an ESTABLISHED, TRUSTED and NEUTRAL part of the SL Fashion and Modeling Community.

To keep Starwalkers 2010 posting privileges FREE, we must now require all posters to place up a 1 prim Starwalkers board at the business location.  We will give until the end of January for the sign to be placed in the business locations which are being advertised before we review posting privileges.

Please display your pride at being a Starwalker — You’re priceless.

For questions or concerns, please contact any member holding a Starwalkers Founder tag.

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  1. StarWalkers 2010 is a group that quietly, efficiently, without any fanfare to speak, of gets a lot of modeling, and fashion, related information passed out to about a 1000 members currently. In the year or so that it’s been in existence (after superceding pat Young’s original StarWalkers group with her blessing btw) we’ve never pushed it on anyone. We don’t spam people with recruiting notices or help ourselves to other group’s membership lists. I don’t feel as though we’re competing with any other group in SL. Some of those others obviously feel differently about it which is okay with me…………. At the same time Anabella Ravinelli and I got to chatting around Christmas about doing more with the group then merely being a bulletin board, having some fun and dramatically increasing the membership roll.

    Now we’ve added another owner to the management team, our friend, Nox Deigan, who is brimming with marketing plans, ad plans, contest plans, freebie plans and lord knows what else he’ll come up with. The first idea was handing out a group inviter to the commercial users of StarWalkers so that people will notice us and, hopefully, use one of their 40 (yayyyyyyy) group slots to join up. We’ve asked that those inviters be put in place by the end of January and we’ll give them to any new user who we notice.

    I’ve been asked if we’re going to change the name to StarWalkers 2011 now. No we’re not doing that……… We have tried very hard to keep the group’s rules very unambiguous.

    No Real Estate ads

    No club ads

    No adult stuff

    No personal rants of any kind. We are not interested in your drama or relationship woes.

    Limited daily announcements, if someone abuses this they hear about it in a hurry and we aren’t really going to have a debate over what anyone else has done in the past. If one of us notices someone barraging us with announcements they’ll no they were noticed when they suddenly, without warning, can’t anymore.

    And no FUCKING spam, that’s a great way to get all your rights and privileges rescinded in a flash with no discussion about it.

    Sooooooooooooo if you haven’t joined StarWalkers what are you waiting for? The group chat is lively and lots of timely information gets passed along.. If you haven’t joined because it’s MY group, wellllllllllllll that’s your loss.

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