I just want to THANK everyone who came to this event and made the party a total SUCCESS. It was AMAZING to see so many wonderful friends dressed to the nines in gorgeous outfits. I sincerely THANK each and every single one of you and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

A Million THANK YOUs to BOSL, Frolic Mills, Editorial Clarity, BlackBarbie Bravin for letting us use the BOSL Casablanca Hotel ballroom which made the perfect setting. THANK you to Editorial Clarity for Rocking the HOUSE as the night’s DJ. You RAWKed that GOWN, Bud.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Again to My dear Friends: Arisia Ashmoot, My Babes Cade Nansen, Soraya Vaher, Talyia Tarber and Rezz Day Veronica Krasner. Muahs…. Wishing you more happy ones. Hugs

Thank You So Much for a Fun Party!

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