EvaneModels agency presents: Shym’s premiere show!

EvaneModels agency presents: Shym’s premiere show!

Photo courtesy Cherie Parker for Shym’s
ADV models from left to right: Mimmi Boa; Shym Mosely; Fauve Beaumont, Luralie Bailey; Angels Milena
Edit pic by Diconay Boa

Shym’s premiere show on January 4th 01:00 PM SLT!!!!!

My dear friends save the day on calendar and be present on Evane main stage for the incredible show of Shym’s!
Shym Mosely, talented and skilled model and designer being a celebrity in the world of Second life fashion with an outstanding collection od cocktail dresses, elegant evening creations and gowns you couldn’t miss!
Evane models proudly present the very best of Shyms for the first time on stage, an event to celebrate the new year with friends, fashion, elegance and couture!

…….if you miss it……. you are FOOL!!!!! :p

Host and dj the fab Giela Delpaso
Show director: Angels Milena and Salvo Waydelich

Models were been casted by Miss Shym Mosely

Lead Model: Mimmi Boa

Giuls Scarpulla
Rissa Friller
Veronica Krasner
Nala Kurka
Leah Portland
Shena Neox

And Caoimhe Lionheart ( not already graduated but selected in the audience side by the designer for the unique apparence and look)


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