Miss Shyms 2011 Starting soon !

Miss Shyms 2011 Starting soon !

║♛ – ———- ” MISS- S H Y M S – Queen 2011 ” ———–♛ ║

Three Queens will be chosen each month from January to April.
So we will have a selection of 12 girls for our final of Miss SHYMS Queen 2011 in May 2011.
The 12 Finalists will be chosen first on photography, the final step will take place on a runway.


– Miss SHYMS Queen 2011 will receive 100 000 L$ cash and will have an interview for AVENUE Magazine and BOSL.
– The first runner up will receive a 10 000 L$ Gift Card to spend in Shym’s Mainstore.
– The second runner up will receive a 5 000 L$ Gift Card to spend in Shym’s Mainstore.

Those three girls will also be the official models for the upcoming advertising of Shym’s brand.

As we are going to choose 3 Queens per month, the 3 month’s winners will each receive a gift card of 3000 L$ to spend in the store.

January 1st to January 12th ( 3♛ Queens chosen )
February 1st to February 12th ( 3♛ Queens chosen )
March 1st to March 12th ( 3♛ Queens chosen )
April 1st to April 12th ( 3♛ Queens chosen )
What do you need to do to join ?
Step 1. Make purchases at SHYMS

ATTENTION – any items created by Shym Mosely (Obligatory Dress & Jewellery By – S H Y M S -) .

Step 2. Requirement of the pictures:
— Take two pictures (Head shot and full body shot, 1024x 1024) with FULL PERMISSIONS.
ATTENTION – Make sure you have all rights on your photos with your photographer !!! Once you entered, pics are property of SHYMS !

— Put the full perm pictures into a folder. Rename the folder as ” SHYMS Queen+ MONTH + your full name.”
No need to put any words in the pictures , thank you .

(Your entry will be ignored if you send us a notecard instead of a folder.)

The pictures have to present the outfit and yourself as a queen. Post processing with Photoshop is higly recommended but not mandatory. You have to keep the real aspect of the gowns.

Send the pictures to Shym Mosely before 12th (midnight) of each month.

— You also have to join the group in world !
Announcements will be made thru group notices and our Flikcr.
Therefore it is important if you stay in the group for updates & Infos.

GROUP JOIN : secondlife:///app/group/449558aa-53ef-65dd-0140-5645d66da457/about

If you entered and are not selected for exemple for January, try again! we have 3 months to choose our 12 finalist 😉
But you do NOT use the same dresse or even photo ! Thank you .

For More Infos Send your Notecard To :

Shym Mosely