The SEX Book by SL art couture


IN JANUARY, I am collaborating with SL art couture again to bring you a very HOT and super SEXY high fashion book simply called “SEX”. The SEX book will be loosely based on the infamous Madonna SEX book but it will be high quality and in good taste that is designed to melt away your winter blues and leave you burning and craving. We are finalizing our designers but we still have one or two spots left. If you would like to advertise or be one of the designers featured in the book, Please contact ARISIA ASHMOOT. CASTING for Models and Photographers will begin soon and is all handled by SL art couture agency. My role in this project is just an artistic visionary  and not involved in the castings/hiring or the business side. Thank God or I will probably be broke from hiring everyone and paying for everything myself. LOL. Thank You to the Boss Lady, Arisia Ashmoot. ;p ❤ RicoRacer Flux.




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